“Under the stars” Bedroom

Is an exceptional bedroom; spacious and very bright. The light is omnipresent. Each of the five windows frames a different pastoral scene, sometimes the village, sometimes the pool.
Perched where it is in the valley, the sunsets are unique!
It has a lounge area with a vintage atmosphere including a Nordic-style sofa and a Jacuzzi to relax in.

A Full Confort Room


  : 218 € per night with breakfast in season A avec petit déjeuner
  : 198 € per night with breakfast in season B avec petit déjeuner
  : From june 1st to september 30th
  : Due to safety reasons, we only can accept adults in Metafort
   : Nos amis les "poilus" ne peuvent pas être accueillis dans cette chambre
  : € 1/night/person